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Joint Meeting: RSBITE / ASCE [Thursday]

Joint Meeting: RSBITE / ASCE [Thursday]

We’re excited to join up with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for our meeting this month. New mobility technologies are popping up and proliferating almost faster than we can keep track. What are some of the innovations that stand to change the face of how we get around in Southern California the most, or the soonest?  Specifically how will autonomous vehicles impact the way that cities plan and operate their infrastructure. Marco Anderson is … Read entire article »


Newsletter for December 2018

In this month’s newsletter, we hear how Zaki Mustafa, the now-retired former president of International ITE, has been volunteering with his wife Loretta to collect jackets for the homeless. In November, our chapter joined with SoCal ITE for our monthly meeting, where we heard Rock Miller discuss the MUTCD. RSBITE Newsletter for December 2018Download … Read entire article »